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We’ve been in the engine cooling business for over 20 years, keeping some of the biggest, hardest-working vehicles in the world running strong. We started with charge air cooler and oil coolers for on-highway trucks. But in the past decade, we’ve grown into a major supplier of cooling components for ag and off-highway equipment, including construction, mining, military vehicles and performance car.

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    Founded in 1998
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    25 years experience
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    More than 100 products
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    More than 20 million




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  • air cooler

    Comprehensive analysis of air coolers

    When you hear the word air cooler, if you haven’t heard about it before, you may confuse it with an air conditioner. In fact, it is a completely different heat exchanger from an air conditioner. It mainly uses air to cool heat. Fluid can achieve the purpose of cooling or condensation. It c...

  • Radiator and oil cooler

    How does the engine cooling system work?

    1. Liquid cooling circulates liquid through pipes and passages in the engine. When the liquid flows through the high-temperature engine, it absorbs heat, thereby reducing the temperature of the engine. After the liquid flows through the engine, it then flows to the heat exchanger (or radiator), a...