Charge air cooler, aftercooler, intercooler for Kenworth

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We have a wide range of charge air cooler for Kenworth

We make them in both bar and plate types, and tube and fin


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Below are ome of our Kenworth charge air coolers

KO-93-63B       44KW10B 44KW10B-BP 44KW10BBP KEN16502-N KEN16502N KEN16502ED KEN16502R BTC1110B BT1110B 1110B CAC110B CAC1110B WSR-1110-B WSR1110B 222061 222059 222166 SCSI222061 CA2061 SCSI1105U 405004 441105 441105U KW10B KW10BMAX KW10BUS KEDAC10B DURKEDAC10B DHTKE10B DHT10B 374110B SPI44012501 44012501 20501 17V9733 FLX010302 REA611015 RHT007 SRMKW10B LC041 PC2945 1E3017 1E3388 1E3447 1E3520 1E3586 K09313 K09362 K09363 K09363B K09363C K0936313 4860900003 48609000004 4860905003 4860905004 4860905006 4860900004 D46001109 KO9313 KO9362 KO9363 KO936313 KO9363B KO9363C IE3017 IE3388 IE3447 IE3586 222166 IE3520 1E3017G IE3017G KW10A 85103370 4880905004 4860900032 4860900006 486090003 48609000032 D46001109 D46001109D F311036 4870905004 K09363E KO9363E 222059 48609000032 KEDAC10C 16502 441105

K093-69      44KW13C KEN16509-N KEN16509N KEN16509 BTC1111B BT1111B 1111B CAC111B WSR-1111-B WSR1111B 222064 CA2064 SCSI222064 441155 SRMKW13C KW13C KEDAC13C DURKEDAC13C DHTKE13C DHT13C 20111 17R930101 KEN009 K09369 4861305002 48613000002 7027140001 K18018147 4861300002 KO9369 HE0150M D46001135 702714000 F311135 16509 374113C SRMKW13C

486-100-0001     222063, 441154, 486-100-0001, 486-100-5001, 486-130-5002, 486-200-0001, 4861000001, 4861005001, 4861305002, 4862000001, 85103372, BTC-1111A, BTC1111A, C-KW13B, CAC111A, CKW13B, F31-1036, F311036, FLX010306,HDH010256, K093-59, K09359, KEDAC-13B, KEDAC13B, KEN16508, KO9359, L411300A0814, L411300A1024, L411300A1119, SRMKW13B

KO-93-64        44KW12B 44KW12B-BP 44KW12BBP KEN16056 KEN16506N KEN16506-NKEN16506ED BTC1112B BT1112B 1112B CAC112B WSR-1112-BWSR1112B 44012502 SPI44012502 44012507 SPI44012507 SCSI222066 222066 CA2066 441103 441103U SCSI1103U 1103ULC092 PC2946 REA611016 RHT005 KEDAC12B DURKEDAC12BDHTKE12B DHT12B 374112B KW12B SRMKW12B 17V9734HDH010258 FLX010304 20502 D4600112248619050054861905003 4861905002 4861900003 4861900002 K09364 K09394F311035 F3110351 F3110351EXCH 1E3385 1E3470 K09330K09364B K09364D KO9330 KO9364 KO9364B KO9364D 4861900005E311035 084Q6718700 85103371 10117V9734 IE3470 IE3385K09364C KO9364C 222065 5103371 1S5163 16506 441103 405001

486-270-0004     44KW13G KEN16511-N KEN16511N KEN16511 BTC1112D BT1112D1112D CAC112D WSR-1112-D WSR1112D SRMKW13G KW13GSCSI222127 222127 CA2127 KEDAC13G 20112 RHT053 CG0528MFLX010310 HDH010259 PC2973 4862700004 4862300002 K0937785103373 PET17716-N PET17716N PET17716R P8997441218 DURKEDAC13G DHTKE13G 374113G KO9377 X431924882800002 0518997 518997  16511 RHT053

487-080-0001    44KW13E KEN16510 KEN16510-N KEN16510N BTC1112C BT1112C1112C CAC112C WSR-1112-C WSR1112C KEDAC13E DURKEDAC13EDHTKE13E DHT13E 374113E SRMKW13E KW13E 222067 CA2067 SCSI222067441156 SPI44012503 44012503 SPI44012508 44012508 20503 17V9774AR442503 RHT032 CE0291M CF0249M 4870800001 AK0404M 48708100084870805001 7006435004 7517615001 4870805001BX10 K239508757517610001 751610001 4870810009 4870815008BXW 4870815009BXW4870805001BXW 7517510001 16510 818233 KEN011 RHT032

1E5115      1E4030G, 1E5115,  1E4396,  416811

N8798001      N8798001, N4106001, W4715001, 222223,  BT1112G,  PET17712, 441274

F311068     F311068,  KEDAC-13J,  BT1111C,  F311047

1E4892      11502AB, 1E3484, 1E4393, 1E4394, 1E4836, 1E4892

1E3225      44KW13A,  KEN16507-N,  KEN16507N,  KEN16507,  BTC1110A,BT1110A,  1110A,  CAC110A,  WSR-1110-A,  WSR1110A,  222060,CA2260,  SCSI222060,  441153,  SRMKW13A,  KW13A,  DEDAC13A,DURKEDAC13A,  DHTKE13A,  DHT13A,  374113A,  17V9772,FLX010305,  K09335,  1E3225,  1E3389,  1E3521,  KO9335,  3E3225,IE3389,  IE3521,  IE3225,  KEDAC13A,  16507,  CA2060,  3E3225

W6932001       PET17720,  PET17720N,  PET17720R, 222304, SC222304, SCSI22230444012513,  SPI44012513, HDH010773,  24509239, P2318001, W6932001

KO93-65         44KW11A,  KEN16504,  KEN16504N,  KEN16504-N,  BTC1111,  BT1111,1111,  CAC111,  WSR-1111,  WSR1111,  SCSI222062,  CA2062,  222062,441217,  KW11A,  SRMKW11A,  KEDAC11A,  DURKEDAC11A,  DHTKE11A,DHT11A,  374111A,  PC2911,  FLX010303,  K09316,  K09365,  1E2270,  1E3016G,1E3016,  1E3387,  1E3519,  1E3519M,  1E3563,  KO9316,  KO9365,  IE2270,IE3016,  IE3016G,  IE3387,  IE3519,  3B1006,  16504,  17R900401,  SRMKW11AK093-72 EXCH     KW13D,  486-340-0001,  486340-5001,  4863400001,  4863405001,FLX010308,  K093-72,  K09372,  KEDAC-13D,  KEDAC13D,  SRMKW13D

W3090001       AFC-104 441353 HDH010798 PET17719 222364 80719C BT1112H FLX010327PET17719N PET17719R V9557001 V9557002 W3090001 W3090002ZGDC-063

HK186001        HK186001,  F3112541101211,  F3112541102211,  F3112541111211,F3112541111221,  F3112541121211,  F3112541201231,  F3112541531211,F3112541602231,  F3112541611231,  F3112541612231

K200            KEN200  QFC71520

K908            PEDAC236L,  CACBPKEN009CM

N9527001        R1292001 KEN16512 222356 R1292001 N9527001 X4997001V9562002 F3110581111110  V9561001High Hood Charge Air Cooler For 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 Kenworth T800

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