Charge air cooler, aftercooler, intercooler for Peterbilt

Short Description:

We have a wide range of charge air cooler for Peterbilt

We make them in both bar and plate types, and tube and fin

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Below are some of our Peterbilt charge air cooler for your reference:

05-18731        44PB20B-BP 44PB20B WSR-11-BP WSR1100BP WSR-1100 WSR1100PET17703-N PET17703N PET17703R PET17703 BTC1100 BT1100 1100 BTC1100EX BT1100EX 1100EX CAC100 SCSI222101 CA2101 222101 21802 441114 441114U PEDAC20B DURPEDAC20B DHTPE20B DHT20B 374120B FLX010504 PC2954 REA611024 RHT004 SPI44013802 44013802 SPI44013809 44013809 SRMPB20B PB20B PB20BMAX 0518730L 0518731 0518751 11502AB 85103376 F316011 F316049 F419078 1E3316 IE3316 1E3816 IE3816 3E7747 316049 0706657A 331009 357379 1E5635 1502AB IE5635 PEDAC20B 222101 17703 441114 11502AB

05-17631        44PB21A WSR-1102-BP WSR1102BP PET17701 PET17701N PET17701RBTC1102 BT1102 1102 CAC102 WSR1102 SCSI222099 CA2099 222099,441104U 21801 SPI44013801 44013801 ABPN09BH21A PEDAC21ADURPEDAC21A DHTPE21A DHT21A 374121A FLX010505 HDH010191 PB21A SRMPB21A PC2902 REA611023 RHT002 RHT-002 0514968 0516673 05166740516904 0516904B 0516904C 0517631 231244 2312444 1E3012 1E3012G 1E3018 1E3216 1E3267 1E3267G 1E3293 1E3390 1E3484 1E4836 85103377 0516676L 0516673L IE3012 IE3012G IE3018 IE3216 IE3267 0515020M 222098 IE3267G IE3293 IE3390 IE3484 IE4836 0516673R 1E-3267G 17701 441104 2312444

IE4580          44PB20E WSR1087 PET17709-N PET17709N PET17709R PET17709 BTC1087 BT1087 1087 CAC087 SCSI222199 CA2199 222199 441261 PEDAC20D DURPEDAC20E DHTPE20E DHT20E 374120E PB20E SRMPB20D FLX010513 HDH010233 SPI44013804 44013804 RHT003 1E4580 1E4955D IE4580 1E4955 IE4955 IE4580EXCH 1E4580EXCH 17709 PB20D 222199

X530001         PET17721,X530001,EC171001,FW528001,F3161660101021F3161666101021,F3161661202011,F3161661102011,222366,X5931001

W0993001       PET17722,X5931001,W0993001,EC172001,FW528001,F3161660101021F3161666101021,F3161661202011,F3161661102011,EB565001,222367,X5929001

05-18997        PET17716,  PET17716N,  PET17716R,  633CA716,  1112D,  BT1112D,  BTC1112DCAC112D,  CAC1112D,  RHT053,  CG0528M,  P8997,  222127,  SC222127SCSI222127,  CA2127,  441218,  CPB20H,  PB20H,  HDH010587,  HDH010587BPFLX010507,  SRMPB24A,  44013811,  SPI44013811,  4862700004,  0518997

N8787001       44PB20F  PET17711 PET17711-N PET17711N PET17711R SCSI222236CA2236 222236 CAC318 HDH010547 PB20G PB20GMAX RHT068 RHT-068N4404001 N8787001 R2922002 F3160921102130 F3160921201310W6928001,  BT1085B

N4095001       1102030,  222281  2215224,   2215225,   3104060,   C-PB23D,   CPB23D,  F31-6089,   F31-6089-1102030,   F31-6089-3104060,  F316089,F3160893104060,   N4095001,  PB20J, 44PB20KPET17718

N4098001       44PB20K PB20HPB20H-MAX222243 N4098001 N7763001 2007091714181720071012173528 SCSI222243 CA2243,  222243,  BT1085,   PET17714

N4104001       PET17717, PET17717N, PET17717ED, PET17717R, P1001, F3160951001020,F3160961001010, F3160961001020, N4104001, P1544001,  222294N4101001       44PB2239X PET17715-N PET17715R PET17715 DHTPE20K BTC1084 BT10841084 WSR1084 WSR-1084 CA2239 SCSI222239 222239 441279 PB20KPB20KMAX HDH010556 P1001 PEDACA20K DURPEDAC20K DHT20K 374120K F3160851101310 F3160851101330 F3160851101340 F3160851102310 F3160851104310 F3160851102320 F3160851111310 F3160851112310 F3160851112320 F3160851122320 F3160851131310 F3160851132320 F3160851201310 N4101001 N8786001 P9443001 2214074 2215225 W6932001 F3160851202310 F3160851203310 F3160851204310 F3160851222320 F3160851231330 F3160851232310 F3160851232320 F316122210140

HK186001       HK186001,  F3112541101211,  F3112541102211,  F3112541111211,  F3112541111221,  F3112541121211,  F3112541201231,  F3112541531211,  F3112541602231,  F3112541611231,  F3112541612231  222370 ZGDN-015

IE3012           PB22A,  05-14968,  05-15020M,  0514968,  0515020M,  17V9730,  1E3012,  1E3012G,  1E3018,  1E3216,  1E3267,  222098,  4401-3803,  44013803,  441110,  AR44-3803,  AR443803,  BTC-1101,  BT1101,  C-PB22A,  CAC101,  CB-PB22A,  CBPB22A,  CPB22A,  IE 3012,  IE 3012G,  IE 3018,  IE 3267,  IE-3012,  IE-3012G,  IE-3018,  IE-3267,  PC2901,  PEDAC-22A,  PEDAC22A,  PET17702,  REA61-1025,


IE3543          PB23B,  05-18005,  0518005,  1E3543,  222102,  4401-3805,  44013805,  441216,  BTC-1091B,  BTC1091B,  C-PB23B,  CAC091B,  CB-PB23B,  CBPB23B,  CPB23B,  HDH010237,  IE-3543,  PEDAC-23B,  PEDAC23B,  PET17706,  BT1091B EX

1E3445        PET17705, PET17705N, PET17705R, PET17705ED, BTC1091, BT1091, 1091, CAC091,WSR1091, SCSI222103, CA2103, 222103, 441215, SPI44013806, 44013806, PEDAC23A, DURPEDAC23A, DHTPE23A, DHT23A, 374123A, PB23A, SRMPB23A, 44PB23A,FLX010509, 17R938201, HDH010236, 0517337, 0517629, 1E3445

1E5164        BTC1112E, 44PB1112E 1E5164 IE5164 222222 WSR-1112-E WSR1112E BT1112EBTC1112E,  441270

1E5163        1E5163,  IE5163,  1112F,  CAC112F,  222221,  KEDAC14C,  BT1112F,  FLX010316,  SRMKW12C,  441157

1E5145        1E5145,  374120H,  KW12D,  PEDAC20H,  DURPEDAC20H,  DHTPE20H,  DHT20H,  PET17707,  PET17707ED,  PET17707N,  PET17707R  222295

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